Juliana Noelle Jumper

unconventional wedding and lifestyle photography

a kauffman center proposal in late evening light

I had never been to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts until Jacob asked me to capture his proposal to Abby, and wow was this place beautiful. Manicured lawns and stunning architecture, surrounded by the evening sun and glowing city lights. I'm a sucker for inner city shoots because even among the traffic and strangers passing by, there's a warmth and intimacy that you can only capture here. I love that as a photographer you have to work with the construction sites and parked cars to capture an event as it unfolds organically. You're forced to embrace the authenticity and roughness of the space rather than fighting against it. 

I really loved working with Jacob and Abby, they were so sweet and fun. Jacob was very specific about where the proposal took place, and once he sent me a map I could completely understand why. The location itself wasn't all that special; a small paved area near a bus stop and busy intersection, but oh the view. It was a gorgeous evening and I couldn't have asked for a better location.