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Lifestyle | Fine Art Portraits for a Kansas City Folk Singer

Last October I attended Artist Inc, a six week long artist seminar, alongside a select group of area artists. One of those artists was Americana singer/songwriter Kelly Hunt. During our initial introduction presentations I was very drawn to Kelly’s haunting voice and timeless style. Her music sounded like the images I hoped to capture; rural towns, dark highways, empty rooms, specks of dust floating in sunlight. When she approached me a few weeks ago about updating her branding images I jumped at the chance. I take on a very select number of solo portrait jobs each year, but due to our similar aesthetics I knew we’d be a great fit.

We settled on the quaint town of Weston, MO for the shoot. Kelly had spoken to me about wanting to find a particular type of light; the cool light of an interior meeting the warm light of golden hour. This type of light is hard to replicate if not happened upon, so shooting at sunset was absolutely necessary if we were going to have any luck at all. I had no idea if finding the perfect spot was going to happen, but I was definitely willing to try. I’d attempted to get in touch with a local pub to no avail, and considered the dilapidated interior of a grain silo turned salvage yard. Kelly ended up leading me to the old rail-station, now city hall, and once we entered I knew this was the place. We shot in a blinding sun spot centered on the waiting room’s checked floor. The light illuminated the portraits beautifully. Then we walked into the tiny bathroom just off the sun flooded interior, and there it was. The warm light of the setting sun, diffused just enough by the windows met the cool shadows of the small interior. It was magic.

Listen to Kelly’s amazing music at kellyhuntmusic.com


Lifestyle | Ethereal Senior Portraits in Power & Light

I've never been about senior portraits. From when I first began working with a camera I was always interested in focusing on groups, couples, and those subtle interactions between people. However, I was intrigued when a family booked me for a 2 hour session so they could get some senior portraits taken of their daughter. Stephanie was seriously the sweetest and totally let me have free reign. She'd never had professional portraits taken before and oh man, she had the most gorgeous skin and a super cute modern look that I loved. She was a great fit for my style of work, and I had so much fun taking these I just had to make a special blog post. My general approach to portraiture is very quiet, simple and more editorial than most. So while I'm still not shouting from the roof BRING ME ALL THE GRADUATES- mostly because I'm chained to my desk editing weddings- for those wanting something a little different I'd be thrilled to take your portrait.   


Destination | Price Tower Bridal Session Rich in Historic Wonder

Location! Location! Location!

Katie and I met our freshman year of art school. We bonded over the fact we were from the same region of the same state. While we went on to major in different subjects and pursue different paths, we always remained friendly. I've always admired her work and technical abilities. Did I mentioned she made her own bouquet? OUT OF PAPER!! Therefore, it seems only fitting, that years later when taking her bridal portraits, her shoot should feel more like a collaboration and less like a typical job. 

When she suggested three locations for her portrait shoot I was intrigued at the opportunity to utilize three different spaces. However, I had no idea how unbelievably gorgeous, unique and rich in history each location would be. Price Tower, a historic Frank Lloyd Wright building, was first up. The building now serves as a hotel, art center and restaurant, while still preserving artifacts and historic rooms from the original interiors. Lucky for us we were allowed to shoot in the historic spaces! Second, was the Frank Phillips Home, a beautiful home museum surrounded by lush gardens and a weeping willow. Last, but certainly not least, was LaQuinta Mansion a Spanish style courtyard. It was my personal favorite. 

To say the least, the entire shoot was very Katie, and allowed her interests and artistic aesthetic to compliment her bridal beauty. I'm so happy she allowed me to shoot these images. I'm all about symmetry and the weight of history, and there was a ton of both in all of these wondrous locations. This was a very career defining shoot for me. It made me realize how important documenting these little details will be in the years to come.