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Couples | Autumn Engagement at Shawnee Mission Park

When Matthew and Joey sat down with me a few weeks ago they mentioned that they had created spreadsheets comparing photographers. I love clients like this because while it does add a bit of pressure, I know that clients who prioritize their photos prioritize their photographers opinions. Every client I’ve ever had that made spreadsheets (yes, I’ve seen that more than once), had looked at hundreds of portfolios, or considered photography to be the most important aspect of their day, has always allowed me the freedom to create as I see fit.

Looking to find something both minimal and natural for their engagement session, I directed these two to Shawnee Mission Park. Although I try my hardest to get away from constant park repetition in my portfolio, I wanted to shoot this couple in very basic locations; a wooden bridge, a lakeside view, a field. I wanted the landscape to take on a less prioritized role, and become secondary tools of composition that I could form around them, as one does to define space in a drawing.

I think my favorite thing about these two, was something they wrote in a questionnaire I sent them after they booked. They wrote that they wanted me “[to capture] more of the little moments and less of the easy moments.” I always view engagement sessions as a form of experimentation and introduction. So while I approached this in a more formal manner, I’m excited that they value my eye enough to let me take on the roles of both artist and documentarian for their wedding day. It’s also nice to know I beat out everyone else on that spreadsheet. I’m just sayin’.


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