Juliana Noelle Jumper

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Couples | Symmetry, Secrets, & The City

Brooke and Kyle let me have a lot of free reign in relation to the location of their engagement shoot. They choose the River District as a starting point, and wanted to incorporate the city skyline into their images in a different way. Being a professional photographer there is one skyline view of Kansas City that rises above all others, Liberty Memorial. Obviously I wasn’t taking them anywhere near there. Instead I choose two of my favorite views of the city; the first near City Market, and the other tucked in the midst of downtown where the high rises surround you on all sides. These are two of my favorite “secret” spots. I have a few of them throughout Kansas City, and they are hidden in plain site and totally public, yet almost always deserted.

Throughout the shoot Brooke and Kyle were super fun to work with. They were laid back, posed themselves easily, and were just generally friendly and warm. I always love laid back engagement shoots because they are usually the day after a wedding, and are a great way to end my “work week.” This shoot in particular really allowed me to focus on the basics of what I love to capture; effortlessness, subtly, the lesser examined views of Kansas City. I wanted to shoot these images in a way that embraced the romance between my clients, but also allowed the city to become an active part of the images themselves, rather than serve as a mere backdrop to a pretty portrait.


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