Juliana Noelle Jumper

artistic & unconventional photography


Why wedding photography?

I'm not going to talk about how I love love. Like anything in life, love is a journey; a journey filled with ups and downs, passion and apathy, anger and happiness.  I fell into this profession. Falling in love with my partner was a very transformative experience and when he and I decided to marry, I was both charmed and perplexed by the wedding industry. However, I also felt acutely out of place within it. I was a bride with an inward edge; a hopeless romantic with a cynical attitude, and a strong intuition for visual aesthetics. (My BFA also helped with the last one.) I started photographing weddings after a close friend asked me to photograph her own. I agreed, and haven't looked back. Capturing people celebrating their love, caught up in the joy and exhaustion of the day, is truly one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling efforts. I strive for honesty and elegance within my wedding imagery; I search for the poetic, intimate in between.  

Do you work with the same 2nd shooter?

Primarily, yes. I try and work with the same two second shooters. However, both of my primary second shooters also happen to be lead photographers with businesses of their own. If both happen to be unavailable I have a short list of other reliable seconds I turn to in case this should happen. I am extremely particular about the technical capabilities and professionalism of my second shooter, so know that you are in good hands.  

Do you offer video?

Not currently. However, I can provide a short list of local videographers that I know and love!

What should I wear? 

My initial advice is to keep it simple. I love light neutrals, denim, anything classic and comfy. Reach out when booking and we can talk about it. I have samples and suggestions based on location and season. 

What shouldn't I wear?

Please consider not wearing the following to your shoot: Any clothing with teeny tiny stripes/patterns. (This tends to cause a moire effect. Google it.) Flip Flops. Ball caps. Gym shorts. Tailgate attire. Anything that shows undergarments, unless its a style choice such as a bralette or bandeau.  There are exceptions to every rule, but these items generally photograph poorly. 

Can we have the RAWs or unedited files?

No. RAW files are copyrighted material that stay with me, and will not be handled or viewed by clients. Clients  receive high resolution files, edited for printing and a print/share release; unedited files cannot be viewed or purchased. 

We are really wanting a lighter style? Can you edit our images lighter?

No. When you hire a photographer, you're hiring an artist with a specific style and method of working. I encourage you to find a photographer that compels you with their content, composition, and color pallet. The success of a photographer's work is dependent upon consistency throughout all three of these aspects.   

Can I bring my dog?

You can 100% bring your dog. 


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