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Couples | Modern, Minimalist Couples' Shoot in Historic Downtown

I'd been dreaming about this shoot for awhile. Something very simple, clean, and utilizing the gorgeous mid century storefronts of downtown Overland Park.  I had stumbled upon this location years ago during twilight and knew I had to shoot here. When Summer and Elliot approached me about a session to commemorate their first wedding anniversary I thought they'd be a good fit for this location. Summer referenced a specific past shoot and called out my draw toward minimal backdrops and simplicity. I had always imagined shooting very flat at this location so they seemed to be a perfect fit. However, I did't realize how perfect of a fit they'd be until they showed up. First of all, we didn't talk about outfits at all, their perfectly coordinated denim and tennis shoes attire was all them. I loved how it played up the Americana feel of the location, and really appreciated the more subtle touches, like Summer's simple white bandanna. 

Style and technique aside, what made this shoot so special was Summer and Elliot's playfulness. They weren't uncomfortable in front of the camera and totally allowed me to capture their personalities and sweet interactions with ease. I'm not a pose based photographer, so being able to reduce my instructions down even more, to say something as simple as "go hang out over there and take up space" is super refreshing.  This shoot is definitely a personal favorite of mine, and not just because I'd been dreaming of shooting here for years, but because these shots were a collaboration. There's no way these images would've come across as playful, sweet, and authentic with anyone else. GO TEAM. 


Lifestyle | Wind in the Inner City

"Do you think you guys will last out here for a full hour?"
".... Probably not."

I met these guys on a windy, cold day in November for their family portraits at Liberty Memorial. When initially booking their session a place that represented Kansas City was important; recently having moved here from Texas, they wanted a location that showcased their new city. Unfortunately, the weather forecast had other ideas. The bitter breeze nipped at our exposed hands and faces as we moved from location to location. The architecture of the memorial made for a perfect wind tunnel on the sides and staircases, and no one spot seemed out of wind's grasp. I requested that everyone think warm thoughts and held my shutter button down in hopes that I would catch just one photo where everyone's wind swept hair was out of their eyes. I manged to get a few clear shots, with some beautifully breezy candid photos in addition. 

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