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Destination | Price Tower Bridal Session Rich in Historic Wonder

Location! Location! Location!

Katie and I met our freshman year of art school. We bonded over the fact we were from the same region of the same state. While we went on to major in different subjects and pursue different paths, we always remained friendly. I've always admired her work and technical abilities. Did I mentioned she made her own bouquet? OUT OF PAPER!! Therefore, it seems only fitting, that years later when taking her bridal portraits, her shoot should feel more like a collaboration and less like a typical job. 

When she suggested three locations for her portrait shoot I was intrigued at the opportunity to utilize three different spaces. However, I had no idea how unbelievably gorgeous, unique and rich in history each location would be. Price Tower, a historic Frank Lloyd Wright building, was first up. The building now serves as a hotel, art center and restaurant, while still preserving artifacts and historic rooms from the original interiors. Lucky for us we were allowed to shoot in the historic spaces! Second, was the Frank Phillips Home, a beautiful home museum surrounded by lush gardens and a weeping willow. Last, but certainly not least, was LaQuinta Mansion a Spanish style courtyard. It was my personal favorite. 

To say the least, the entire shoot was very Katie, and allowed her interests and artistic aesthetic to compliment her bridal beauty. I'm so happy she allowed me to shoot these images. I'm all about symmetry and the weight of history, and there was a ton of both in all of these wondrous locations. This was a very career defining shoot for me. It made me realize how important documenting these little details will be in the years to come. 

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