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Destination | A DIY Greenhouse Wedding

I'm biased because I've been friends with Rachel & Eric for years, but these two are the freaking coolest. Both are incredibly talented artists and makers, and just all around interesting folks. We all met during college, who could really say when, but at some point our paths crossed and a friendship began. Now four plus years and a few themed parties later, here I am editing their wedding photos. I distinctly remember last March sitting for one of Rachel's drawings and her disclosing that she knew Eric had a ring. I was in a whirlwind with my own upcoming wedding at the time, and I was excited to have another artist friend with which to discuss wedding related plans. A few short weeks later, Eric popped the question. I was absolutely elated when Rachel approached me about shooting their wedding photos; having two artists as talented as themselves trust me to capture their big day was very encouraging, not to mention flattering.

The wedding took place on a warm September Saturday in Minnesota. The ceremony was held in Rachel's parent's backyard in front of their barn, and the reception in their greenhouse. All the planning was done in a few short months and many beautiful DIY touches ornamented the garden, barn and greenhouse. Rachel made yards upon yards of garlands to be strung throughout the ceremony and reception spaces. Glass bottles filled with flowers and foliage- along with tea candles and vintage vases- were arranged atop peach table clothes for guest tables at the reception. Other details included vintage bridesmaid dresses, matching yellow socks, bouquets of flowers from the garden, a string of heirloom pearls and many cats for me to befriend. Because I know Rachel & Eric personally, I know how much detail and design went into this touching and beautifully executed occasion. It was truly an honor getting to witness and document all the little moments as they celebrated their commitment and love.  

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