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Destination | Among Magnolia Leaves and Pine Trees

I've known Rachel & Nathan for foreverrrrrr. Nathan and I met at some point in middle school. I don't know him very well, but we were both forced to suffer through reading the chapter about the reproductive system out loud during our 8th grade science class. You don't forget someone who goes through that with you. (The teacher was on to something though because I never forgot any of that information.) Rachel, on the other hand, was a good friend who I hung out with constantly. We ran with the same tight knit group of girls and spent many afternoons together talking and laughing and recording goofy videos.

After middle school I moved away and lost touch with the majority of this group. I hadn't spoken to Rachel in years until she contacted me a little less than a year ago. Probably to no one's surprise, Rachel became a kick ass pastry chef. (Even I remember her cooking.) With an interest in breaking into the wedding cake industry she contacted me because I was newly engaged and looking for a baker. She made us the most beautiful wedding cake and captured our vision perfectly. So like any good career driven lady she chose to support another by returning the favor and booking me for her family photos. 

I had a lot of free reign in the decision making regarding this shoot. I choose the location, and of course booked them as close to golden hour as possible. I ended up picking the Tulsa Garden Center for it's well manicured gardens, and large trees. I was particularly in love with a huge magnolia tree alongside the main building. They were my third shoot that day, so I was a little tired by the time their session rolled around. Lucky for me, they were super laid back about the entire process, and I feel like I really captured some beautiful moments. 

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