Juliana Noelle Jumper

artistic & unconventional photography

Couples | An Airy and Romantic Couple's Shoot

It was a cold autumn evening when my dad & Evonna arrived in Kansas City. We ate BBQ and chit chatted about the weekend to come. They were here for a visit, yes, but they had also booked me for a session. Colors, wardrobe options, and accessories were a big topic of discussion. The following day it rained and so we postponed, giving us more time to style and impulse buy. Evonna decided on a royal blue dress and borrowed a pair of my black riding boots, my dad was purchased a complimentary shirt.

Finally, on the grey morning of their departure we were able to shoot. I was a given a lot of freedom in location. I knew almost immediately where I wanted to take them when they booked. It was  a small island in Shawnee Mission Park. When I had shot there some weeks before I thought all the trees to be evergreens; however, the largest trees had turned a beautiful orange color and had littered the ground beneath them with their leaves. It couldn't have been more perfect. Their outfits looked stunning against the backdrop, and the scene was so perfectly soft and romantic. I dragged them around in cold for the entirety of their booking time to a different locations; an overgrown trail, a wooden foot bridge, an orange field. It was a very successful shoot, and I'm so happy the asked me to capture these images.