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Lifestyle | Wind in the Inner City

"Do you think you guys will last out here for a full hour?"
".... Probably not."

I met these guys on a windy, cold day in November for their family portraits at Liberty Memorial. When initially booking their session a place that represented Kansas City was important; recently having moved here from Texas, they wanted a location that showcased their new city. Unfortunately, the weather forecast had other ideas. The bitter breeze nipped at our exposed hands and faces as we moved from location to location. The architecture of the memorial made for a perfect wind tunnel on the sides and staircases, and no one spot seemed out of wind's grasp. I requested that everyone think warm thoughts and held my shutter button down in hopes that I would catch just one photo where everyone's wind swept hair was out of their eyes. I manged to get a few clear shots, with some beautifully breezy candid photos in addition. 

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