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Couples | Charming Farm Engagement Session

So excited to reveal my final engagement shoot of 2017! 

Lindsay and JC's engagement session was so much fun. Two hours from Kansas City, on a farm in rural MO I got to know them, their herding dogs, and a whole lot of curious cows. I loved everything about this shoot; from the the wide open fields, to the thicket of trees, to the herd of cattle. I particularly enjoyed creating the tractor shots. I have a big thing for shooting in industrial spaces and incorporating a tractor into the mix of natural settings added a unique edge to a more traditional golden hour shoot. Well, traditional for my way of working, that is. It was also an interesting challenge working with the cows. They were curious at first and followed us around the field, then upon needing to incorporate them into the images, they decided they were terrified of me and ran away. Isn't that just how it goes? Lindsay eventually managed to coax a few in much smaller field close enough for me capture some sweet moments. I'm really glad I did since the final image on this post turned out to be their favorite. 

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